Enterprise and Community

Community building and enterprise are the aims of an initiative I rolled out this year as a way of easing the transition to higher education for new level 4 students. Working closely with completing first year students over the summer break, I facilitated and set the theme for a student led exhibition entitled “Things I learnt” at the Glass Box Gallery and aimed at graphic design freshers. Students created graphic design works illustrating the most important things they learnt during their first year of study from realising the importance of feedback and criticism to how talking about issues is the first step in solving them. This exhibition enabled the development of entrepreneurial skills, but also started bridging the gap between levels of study. Connection with alumni is high on the university’s list (Gearing 2015) and is best to start forging it early on.


Gearing, L. (2015) Coventry University Group Education Strategy. [online] available from< http://paulamur.coventry.domains/wp-content/uploads/cu_edstrat_1_0.pdf > [17 January]