Assessment Observations

Below are a set of observations I made on the quality of the assessed work and the assessment process demonstrated in the first semester.

Some of the main drawbacks identified in student work included:
-lack of attention in interpreting the brief
-patchy engagement in class led to confusion and generally poor and incomplete work
-work is rushed and lacking connection between the different output
– research is superficial and lacks curiosity. The use of Pinterest perhaps promoted this.

Research and critical engagement with practice is an ever-present learning outcome of the course that students have historically struggled with as they took a surface approach limited to moodboarding only. In an attempt to deter imitation learning and scaffold student’s understanding of motives behind design I developed a session saw students perform reflective practice following Kolb’s cycle of learning whereby they gathered research on a particular brand, reflected on and discussed their finding, applied finding to own work and evaluated results.  Considering the assessment results, this exercise has led to a considerable increase in student’s perception of research and depth of engagement with findings.